Cinestill Film - likewise most impressive
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Autor:  ::: trincerone [ Mo, 25.08.2014, 15:20 ]
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Cinestill Film basically is Kodak Cinefilm, with the black background-layer having been chemically removed and re-packed in 35mm cans.

The film is tungsten balanced and is rated ISO 800 and can be cross-processed in C41 (instead of the process used for Cinefilm), albeit E6 might be an option as well (have not tried it yet, cause I am not sure it would to the film justice).

Allegedly, the film should be able to be pushed up to ISO 6400, however in all my testing that did not really work. However, shooting it at ISO 1600 and letting it be developped push 3 stops has led to great results.

The film is amazing in colours and quality, especially regarding subtelity of shades of night-shots and its fine grain. So far, in my perception, it has been of exceeding quality even in comparison to cutting-edge digital equipment, albeit this is hard to say and there is some "question-of-taste" involved. This applies in particular to the vast range of constrast it provides, providing you with sharp and distinct highlights and subtle shades in night-shots.

IMPORTANT: this film in particular should be scanned as "colour slide" and 48BIT TIFF; all earlier attempts have led to fairly questionable results, whereas my later attempts using the scaning settings just outlined have led to results I am fairly happy with.

Autor:  ::: trincerone [ Mo, 25.08.2014, 15:30 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Cinestill Film - likewise most impressive

Some examples; shot @ISO 1600; developped push +3.

CinestillNapoli-Stromboli-06.jpg [ 486.08 KiB | 3849-mal betrachtet ]
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CinestillNapoli-Stromboli-03.jpg [ 546.98 KiB | 3849-mal betrachtet ]
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CinestillNapoli-Stromboli-15.jpg [ 414.64 KiB | 3849-mal betrachtet ]
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CinestillNapoli-Stromboli-33.jpg [ 129.83 KiB | 3849-mal betrachtet ]
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